Ted Remington

Ted Remington, as a self taught artist, began his career in his late middle age as the result of much encouragement from some artist friends.  He experienced a sudden surge of passion for visual art and that surge has not stopped. Early on, Ted began accepting commissioned works of art, was juried-in National competitions, became represented by galleries in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming, and began to receive special honors and awards.

Although Remington has lived in San Francisco and its surrounding areas, he declares himself a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. As a boy, Ted was acknowledged locally for his portrait sketches, but a love affair with Italian bel Canto – having studied five years with a renowned opera singer – lured him away from fine art. Then, in the 1970’s, Ted discovered the desert southwest and was immediately inspired to write and publish poetry about his experiences. This effusive period was one in which the artist resolved primal forces to be a counterpart to a love of art or culture; rediscovering what he has called “my true voice…within which past artistic endeavors came together in one-pointedness on paper and canvas,” in which he saw a relationship between shading of the human voice and painting. Ted says about his painting rebirth, “One day I awoke to a compelling force…a renewed passion for visual poetry as my true expression.” As of now, Remington’s artistic efforts are best expressed in his “Living Earth” series, a seemingly indefatigable journey in which the viewer is taken through heightened scenes inspired by the waterfalls of Grand Canyon, Zion National Park’s monoliths  and the  walls of the Colorado River, and by New Mexico and Pueblo Culture.

Among his current accomplishments, Remington’s art was chosen by the Set Designers for the 2012 release of the movie,21 Jump Street; he was  featured in the 2002 Hard Cover, New Art International in New York; he has featured works in The renowned  Joan Cowley Art Gallery Catalogue, National Publication, 2002 to the Present, Scottsdale, Arizona; and has Open Editions published by Poems Art Publisher; as well as being featured in such periodicals as Southwest Art Magazine, Utah Business Magazine and January 2002 featured in Utah Homes & Garden Magazine under Artist of Utah. Remington’s art has been featured in conjunction with Georgia O’Keeffe’s art,  Ansel Adams and R.C.Gorman as Art of the Month, in the New Mexico Magazine on  an on-going basis since 2006,( see Posted News )  As a Professional artist, Ted also delights in being a relative of the great western sculptor and painter, Frederic Remington.


Reference:  Ted Remington Gallery